Francisco Alarcón Oseguera


Paco Foto


Position: Post-doctoral Researcher

Department: Structure of Matter, Thermal Physics and Electronics

Research interests: Active Matter, Biofilms, Microswimmers, Colloidal and Polymer Suspensions, Mesoscopic Numerical Simulations.

Selected publications:

1. Spontaneous aggregation and global polar ordering in squirmer suspensions. F. Alarcon and I. Pagonabarraga. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 185, 56-61 (2013).

2. Morphology of clusters of attractive dry and wet self-propelled spherical particle suspensions. F. Alarcon, C. Valeriani, and I. Pagonabarraga. Soft Matter. 13, 4 (2017).

3. Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of weak polyelectrolyte adsorption on charged and neutral surfaces as a function of the degree of ionization. F. Alarcon, E Pérez and A. Gama Goicochea. Soft Matter. 9, 4 (2013).

Research Profiles:

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Contact: franalar [at]