Gonzalo Manzano

gonzalo manzano


Position: Former PhD student. Now postdoc at International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste / Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Italy).

Research interests: Quantum thermodynamics. Open quantum systems. Quantum information. Fluctuation relations. Synchronization.

Selected publications:

1. Quantum Fluctuation Theorems for Arbitrary Environments: Adiabatic and Nonadiabatic Entropy Production. G Manzano, J M Horowitz, and J M R Parrondo, Physical Review X 8, 031037 (2018).

2. Entropy production and thermodynamic power of the squeezed thermal reservoir. G Manzano, F Galve, R Zambrini, J M R Parrondo. Physical Review E 93, 052120 (2016).

3. Nonequilibrium potential and fluctuation theorems for quantum maps. G Manzano, J M Horowitz, J M R Parrondo. Physical Review E 92, 032129 (2015).

4. Synchronization, quantum correlations and entanglement in oscillator networks. G Manzano, F Galve, GL Giorgi, E Hernández-García, R Zambrini. Scientific Reports 3, 1439 (2013).


Thermodynamics and synchronization in open quantum systems. G. Manzano Paule, Springer Theses (2018).

Research profile:

Contact: gmanzano [at] ucm.es