Ignacio A. Martínez

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Position: Juan de la Cierva researcher.

Department: Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Research interests:

Thermodynamics, microbiology, single-molecule, photonics.

Selected publications:

1. Engineered swift equilibration of a Brownian particle. IA Martínez, A Petrosyan, 
D Guéry-Odelin, E Trizac, S Ciliberto. Nat. Phys. 12, 843-846 (2016).
2. Energy Transfer between Colloids via Critical Interactions. IA Martínez, C Devailly, 
A Petrosyan, S Ciliberto. Entropy, 19 (2), 77 (2017).
3. Brownian Carnot engine. IA Martinez, E Roldan, L Dinis, D Petrov, JMR Parrondo, 
R Rica. Nature Physics 12, 67-70 (2016).
4. Universal features in the energetics of symmetry breaking.  E Roldan, IA Martinez, 
JMR Parrondo, D Petrov. Nature Physics 10, 457-461 (2014).
5. A simple technique based on a single optical trap for the determination of bacterial 
swimming pattern.  IA Martínez, S Campoy, M Tort, M Llagostera, D Petrov, 
PLOS ONE 8 (4), e61630 (2013).

Research Profiles:

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