Luis Dinis

Luis Dinis

Position: Contratado Doctor. Department: Structure of Matter, Thermal Physics and Electronics at UCM.

Research interests: Mesoscopic Thermodynamics. Fluctuation-dissipation relations out of equilibrium with applications to biophysics. Nerve impulse transmission and biological membranes. Control and optimization of collective brownian motors, Parrondo games, and ratchet effect in superconducting vortex devices.

Selected publications:

1. Feedback control in a collective flashing ratchet. F.J. Cao, L. Dinis,  J.M.R. Parrondo. Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 040603 (2004)

2. Membrane Shape at the Edge of the Dynamin Helix Sets Location and Duration of the Fission Reaction. S. Morlot, V. Galli, M. Klein, N. Chiaruttini, J. Manzi, F. Humbert, L. Dinis, M. Lenz, G. Capello and A. Roux. Cell, 151 619 (2012)

3.  Brownian Carnot engine. Ignacio A. Martínez, Édgar Roldán, Luis Dinis, Dmitri Petrov, J.M.R. Parrondo and Raúl A. Rica. Nature Physics 12, 67-70 (2016)

Research Profiles:

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