Ricardo Brito

Ricardo Brito

Position: Catedrático de Universidad

Research interests: Fluctuation induced forces and Granular matter.

Selected publications:

1.  Fluctuation-induced Casimir Forces in Granular Fluids. C. Cattuto, R. Brito, U. Marini Bettolo Marconi, F. Nori and R. Soto. Physical Review Letters, 96, 178001 (2006).

2. A Horizontal Brazil-Nut Effect and Its Reverse. T. Schnautz, R. Brito, C.A. Kruelle and I. Rehberg. Physical Review Letters, 95, 028001 (2005).

3. Mesoscopic Theory of Granular Fluids. T. P. C. van Noije, M. H. Ernst, R. Brito and J.A.G. Orza. Physical Review Letters, 79, 411 (1997).

Contact: brito [at] fis.ucm.es

Website: http://seneca.fis.ucm.es/brito