kT log 2  ’09

Computing Matters


kTlog 2 is back. The main goal of this series of Workshop is to explore the links between statistical physics, fluctuations, energetics, and information processing, from both theoretical and experimental viewpoints. The first edition focused on thermodynamic aspects of computation and control. The second edition will be focused on basic aspects of physical systems as elementary information processors in connection with fluctuation and work theorems, quantum information theory, and control.

We will meet in Toledo, the city of the three cultures, not very far from Madrid.

The following list summarizes the topics addressed in the workshop:

  1. 1.Fluctuation theorems and information processing: classical and quantum systems.

  1. 2.Maxwell demons and foundations of Statistical Mechanics.

3. Applications: control of Brownian motion, Brownian motors and refrigerators.


Toledo, October 22-24, 2009

days left