kT log 2  ’12   Cuenca

Quantum fluctuations and Information



European Science Foundation
(Program EPSD)



Cuenca, May 24-26, 2012

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kTlog 2 is back. This series of workshops explores the links between statistical physics, fluctuations, energetics, and information processing, from both a theoretical and an experimental point of view. The first edition looked into the thermodynamic aspects of computation and control. The second edition investigated how physical systems act as elementary information processors in connection with the fluctuation and work theorems. This third installment will focus on the role of quantum fluctuations in statistical physics and information. 

The aim of this meeting will be to foster a better understanding of the effects of quantum fluctuations by bringing together experts in applying techniques of statistical physics to quantum thermodynamics and information. 

We will meet in Cuenca, a small, authentic town not far from Madrid.

The following summarizes the topics to be addressed in the workshop:

1.Fluctuation theorems and information processing: classical and quantum systems.

2.Thermodynamics consequences of measurement and decoherence.

3. Quantum feedback control.

4. Maxwell demons and foundations of Statistical Mechanics.

Organizers: Jordan M. Horowitz (jordanmhorowitz.at.gmail.com) and Juan M. R. Parrondo (parrondo.at.fis.ucm.es).