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We review a series of heat engines built with colloidal particles
Soft Matter, 2017,13, 22-36

Check the first experimental realization of a Carnot engine with a single microscopic particle!
Nature Physics 12, 67-70 (2016)

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Stochastic Thermodynamics

The recent technological advances in micromanipulation and force-sensing techniques have brought access to the dynamics and energy changes that affect mesoscopic physical systems described by few degrees of freedom


Biofilms are formed by communities of microorganisms which secrete a polymeric extracellular matrix. Biofilm formation has important impacts on medicine and food industry.


Biological systems are beautiful examples of systems arbitrarily far from equilibrium.


NILS - OMaWa with Humans


During the past years I have taught many different subjects like Physics for Biologists, Statistical Physics, and several Lab lessons.

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