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Pareto-optimal trade-off for phenotypic switching of populations in a stochastic environment

Details JStatMech 2022 bioRxiv 2022

Simple stochastic model for geomagnetic excursions and reversals reproduces the temporal asymmetry of the axial dipole moment

Details Project PNAS 2021

Self-Adaptation of Pseudomonas fluorescens Biofilms to Hydrodynamic Stress

Details Project Front. Microbiol. 2021 (Open Access) arXiv 2021

Extracting Work Optimally with Imprecise Measurements

Details Project Entropy 2021 (Open Access)

Phase transitions in optimal betting strategies

Details EPL 2020 arXiv 2020

Reversible feedback confinement

Details Project EPL 2016 arXiv 2016

Colloidal heat engines: a review

Details Project Soft Matter 2017

Thermodynamics at the microscale: from effective heating to the Brownian Carnot engine

Details Project JSTAT 2016 arXiv 2016

Adiabatic processes realized with a trapped Brownian particle

Details Project PRL 2015 arXiv 2015

Nonsinusoidal current and current reversals in a gating ratchet

Details PRE 2015 arXiv 2015

Optimal protocol for a collective flashing ratchet

Details EPL 2014 arXiv 2015

Measuring kinetic energy changes in the mesoscale with low acquisition rates

Details Project APL 2014 arXiv 2014

Membrane Shape at the Edge of the Dynamin Helix Sets Location and Duration of the Fission Reaction.

Details Project Cell 2012

Fluctuation-Response Theorem for the Active Noisy Oscillator of the Hair-Cell Bundle.

Details PDF PRL 2012 arXiv 2014

Transverse ratchet effect and superconducting vortices: simulation and experiment.

Details New J. Physics 2009 (open) arXiv 2014

A revisit to agglomerates of early-type Hipparcos stars

Details PDF Astron. Nachr. 2008 arXiv 2008

Optimal sequence for Parrondo games

Details PDF PRE (2008) arXiv 2008

Current reversal in collective ratchets induced by lattice instability

Details PDF PRB 2007 arXiv 2007

Lattice effects and current reversal in superconducting ratchets.

Details New J. Phys. 2007 (open)

Collective decision making and paradoxical games.

Details PDF Eur.Phys.J. Special Topics 2007 arXiv 2014

Control and Rectification in Collective Stochastic Systems

Details PDF Springer 2005

Closed-loop control strategy with improved current for a flashing ratchet.

Details PDF EPL 2005 arXiv 2005

Inefficiency of Voting in Parrondo Games.

Details PDF Physica A 2004 arXiv 2004

Feedback Control in a Collective Flashing Ratchet

Details PDF PRL 2004 arXiv 2004

Brownian motion and gambling: from ratchets to paradoxical games.

Details PDF Contemp. Phys 2004 arXiv 2004

Optimal Strategies in Parrondo Games.

Details PDF EPL 2003 arXiv 2003

Paradoxical games, ratchets and related phenomena.

Details PDF Google Books 2004

Optimización y control de juegos de azar y motores brownianos colectivos.

Details Docta Complutense 2006